Personal Training

What is Personal training

If you are serious about training and fitness, or you are just looking for a way to lose a bit of weight and feel fitter, personal training is undoubtably the most effective way of achieving your exercise goals.

Our personal training ethos is that no matter what level you are, you will have a programme designed specifically for your needs. Your trainer will always be pushing you and challenging you but within the parameters of your tailor made workouts. You will also receive a warm welcome from our team whenever you come to our private studio and encouraged all the way.

1 to 1 training

Following on from your initial consultation where we establish your goals, we begin the process of helping you achieve results. This is through a combination of specific training for your needs during 1 hour training sessions, guidance on your own training and appropriate nutritional advice. All of our personal trainers are of the highest quality and experience so training will always be fun but effective. Our 1 to 1 training option gives you the coaching skills and undivided attention of the most dynamic personal training team in East London and Essex. Only at Target fit ltd.

Small group training

Also known as semi private training our popular training method allows you to train with our awesome personal training team but in a small group. As a more cost effective way of training, our small group option allows you, the client to still receive the coaching from a personal trainer, but in a more social environment as you will share the attention of the trainers amongst no more than 3 fellow clients. The best thing about this method is you again receive an assessment and tailored programmes for your specific goals, and better still the trainers will progress and amend your various workout programmes to ensure you are always being challenged. Small group training is taken to a new level with Target fit ltd.